Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mindfulness? Really?

 Well Chris, yes.
 The whole idea came from a guy who knew another guy and they hung out with this woman and taught lots more people and then BLAMMO!  There was mindfulness. (Well maybe I simplify.  But that is what happens when you pursue mindfulness!  Isn't that wonderful?)  
 It has been a catch-phrase of late but can still hold its own among other words like meditationpeacefulnessquiet centering, etc.....
 Getting high to be mindful would be another blog entirely and is not necessarily associated with mindfulness.  Although using drugs can sometimes trigger an aware calm state, it has nasty side effects and so is not organically mindfulness. 
Not at all, really.
 But along those lines I think we can suppose that this blog could be about the side-effects of real live organic mindfulness, which may include; 

Heightened Awareness   
Suspension of Judgmental Thoughts    
Befriending our Experiences
Experiencing "church" in the Everyday
Heart to heart Communication  
Non-Egocentric Enjoyment
Slowing Down
Add your own here__________

 And sometimes heavy breathing...Just sayin'.  
This can be hard work, folks!  Ever try to be "mindful" at a Junior High Band concert?  Timelessness doesn't happen.  Usually there's tears and not of joy.  Or a visit to the dentist?  Try staying in your body while you work that one out!  
 So we can struggle together if you like, and I welcome comments of the constructive kind about whatever.  I personally hope to experience as many side-effects of mindfulness as possible.
 I like to explore serious humor, sarcastic wit, and great compassion all at the same time.  I can be wrong, but not usually. (see what I just did there?)  
 I promise to beta test these on myself  before using you.
 I like to use quotes and pictures. I may even draw something for you!  

Things you may not find in this blog:
~Explosive diarrhea.  While it can be funny, in the end its no laughing matter.
~Cheap shots or written venom aimed at humans.  Unless I am on my period and in that case you can suck it.  Which, btw, is soon drawing to a close in my life so we can celebrate that together!  
~Simple answers.  As my children can tell you I explain things waaay too much.  I will try to be succinct.  
~Craft ideas.   While I think this is redundant for you, Chris, the rest of my muses may not know.  I hold nothing against the crafty,  its just not my thang. 

 I think what we do matters.  Everything.  I want to share myself (and other stuff ) in this way because for now it works for me.  
 I'd rather do it in person, actually, but you won't all fit in my house. ...I'll try to work on that.

"Personal transformation can and does have global effects.  As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.  The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one."   ~Marianne Williamson